Stay glowing while traveling

How to stay healthy and glowing while traveling

The team at C coconut loves to travel and is probably one of the things in life we love the most. We are  sure you would all agree. But let’s be honest, traveling can be long, tidies and painful. Our bodies are simply not designed for it. Therefor our in-house nutritionist has come to the rescue… 

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Supercharge your body

Flu season be gone! Supercharge your immune system with these 6 foods

The winter and flu season is here, and adding immune boosting foods into your diet becomes vital if you want to stay strong, fit and healthy. Consuming foods high in antioxidants along with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties is very important when fighting off a cold or to boost your immune system. To help you along… 

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Coco Loco Protein Bliss Balls

Coco Loco Protein Bliss Balls

The team at C coconut water takes snacking very seriously. Avoiding the 3 pm energy slump is important to stay focused at the office or at the gym. Making sure that your insulin levels are balanced throughout the day is key to lasting energy levels and will also help you loose weight. Now why do… 

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Chocolate Smoothie

Guilt Free Chocolate Thick Shake

Hands up if you like chocolate! This awesome raw cacao smoothie will keep every chocolate lover satisfied for days – Without the guilt! Why reach after the high sugary and processed chocolates when you can get the real deal that is also good for you? This smoothie blend is filled with nutritional goodness that will… 

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Gut Healing Smoothie

Love Your Gut Smoothie

A healthy body always starts from within and especially in the digestive system. Up to 60-80 % of our immune system is located in the gut and thats why it is important to nourish and feed our bodies accordingly. Remember that optimum wellbeing and a healthy glow always starts in the kitchen! This nutritious smoothie is a great… 

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Get The Glow

Get the GLOW – 5 healthy habits for radiant skin

Healthy and flawless skin does not happen over night. Luckily, there is a way to achieve a beautiful and long lasting glow, and it does not have to do with expensive skin products or creams. All you need to do is to change your diet and lifestyle routines and feed your skin with the best possible… 

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Super Green Goodnes

3 delicious green smoothie recipes you must try today!

Getting enough greens into your daily diet is often easier said than done. Fact is, you should be eating AT LEAST 5 cups (Yep, thats right) of vegetables and fruit every day to sustain a healthy, happy and energized body. Green smoothies are a great way of boosting your daily nutrient intake without having to compromise time or… 

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Benefits of C coconut water

Nuts for coconuts! 5 reasons you should drink coconut water everyday!

In case you missed it, we at C are obsessed with coconut water and all its amazing health benefits. This incredible tasty thirst quencher is filled with nutritional goodness that your body loves. Who needs high sugary and processed energy drinks when you can get the real deal from coconuts? But how can something that… 

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What a way to kick off spring in Sydney with the first of five national General Pants Sundrenched Sunday Sessions at The Bucketlist in Bondi! The crowd was buzzing with media and celebs who got a sneak peak at the new SWIM collection whilst sipping on some C Coconut water in the sun. We can’t wait to grab… 

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Base Body Babes FRIDGE

Whats Inside Your Fridge?

Thanks to Bodypass, we were able to take a peek inside C Ambassadors Base Body Babes‘ fridge! And look who it is – that’s us, along with a few of our other favourite things including natural Mayvers tahini, raw Amazonia protein, our buddies Lucky You juice cleanse, raw protein balls, activated nuts, organic fruit &… 

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CCW x The Upside

The Upside X C Coconut Water

We’re making sure shoppers don’t drop whilst they shop by keeping them hydrated! Check out the new THE UPSIDE store in‪ Miranda Westfield, Sydney and grab yourself a nice chilled C Coconut Water. For a limited time only… Cx